The Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2023

2023's Dynamic Trends that Define the Now and the Timeless

As we gracefully step into 2023, the fashion sphere is buzzing with conversations about the future, and what better way to manifest this exciting new era than through jewellery.

From heirloom-inspired silver to audacious hero cuffs, this year’s trends promise a blend of tradition and innovation.

Allow us to guide you through these captivating trends, ensuring that you’re not only in vogue but ahead of the curve.

It’s time for silver to shine brighter than ever. This luminescent metal is surging in popularity, offering a harmonious blend of timeless appeal and modern sophistication.

Whether set with dazzling gemstones or moulded into geometric forms, silver pieces bring a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

For a timeless collection that embraces this trend, look no further than the Galleria Armadoro Silver Collection.

Adorning yourself with their 925 sterling silver and hypoallergenic brass options feels akin to wearing pieces passed down from fashion-forward ancestors.


Styling Tip: Mix silver with softer hues like pastel pink or lilac to enhance its luminosity.

The resurgence of chunky chains marks a sartorial ode to the past, bringing with it a sense of nostalgia and rebelliousness.

Be it a necklace layered over a crisp white blouse or a bracelet complementing a tailored suit, these thick links are not merely accessories; they are the centrepiece of any outfit.

Elevate your ensemble with statement pieces like the Frida, Xenia, and Gilda Gold-Plated Necklaces by Galleria Armadoro.


Styling Tip: Go monochrome with your attire to let your chunky chains take centre stage.

"Incorporating current trends like chunky chains and bold cuffs, while also revisiting the ageless allure of silver and heart motifs, epitomises the Galleria Armadoro ethos.

Each piece is designed to tell A STORY; a story that complements the unique narrative of the person wearing it.

With our meticulously designed, hypoallergenic, and lightweight pieces, our aim is for you to experience luxury in its most accessible form.

This is what 2023 is about for us—A UNION of the enduring and the avant-garde, resulting in a collection that feels both fresh and time-honoured."

Dimitra Chouliaras, Galleria Armadoro Founder

If the earrings you’re contemplating feel too over-the-top, they’re probably just right. As the famous fashion houses of the 1980s would argue, more is more.

Think oversized shapes, abundant sparkle, and audacious colours.

The Mega Studs Collection by Galleria Armadoro embodies this spirit splendidly, bringing both volume and elegance to your earlobes.


Styling Tip: Pair these statement earrings with a sleek updo to ensure they garner the attention they deserve.

Hearts are no longer relegated to sentimental keepsakes; they are taking on high fashion with a bold, unapologetic aesthetic.

This shape—universal yet deeply personal—manifests in intricate pendants, oversized earrings, and more.

Discover Galleria Armadoro's Puffed Hearts collection and further explore the trend through our heart-focused blog post.


Styling Tip: Contrast the romantic shape with edgier pieces like leather jackets or tailored blazers.

The hero cuff captures the zeitgeist of 2023—bold, empowered, and individualistic.

This audacious bangle serves as a fashion-forward manifesto on your wrist, exuding confidence and flair. Whether worn solo or stacked in pairs, the hero cuff makes a statement that can’t be ignored.

Galleria Armadoro's range of cuffs encapsulates this vision, offering a variety of styles that can be mixed and matched to your heart's content.


Styling Tip: Match your hero cuff with minimalist rings to achieve a balanced yet striking look.

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