Your Comprehensive Guide to Ear Piercing and Unique Jewellery Choices at Galleria Armadoro Ear Piercing Healing Chart: A Detailed Guide At Galleria Armadoro, we provide an extensive ear piercing healing chart, offering crucial information to ensure a safe and efficient healing process for your new piercings. This chart is a must-have resource for anyone looking to understand the different stages of ear piercing care. Ball Screw Earrings and Screw On Ball Earrings: Elegance with Security Discover our exquisite collection of ball screw earrings and screw on ball earrings. These unique designs not only offer an elegant touch but also provide added security with their screw-on feature, ensuring your earrings stay in place beautifully. Understanding Hypoallergenic Earrings If you've ever wondered, "What are hypoallergenic earrings?" or "What is hypoallergenic earrings?", you're not alone. Our expert guide explains how these earrings are crafted to minimize allergic reactions, making them a perfect choice for sensitive ears. Screw Ball Earrings: A Twist on the Classic Our screw ball earrings blend traditional elegance with a modern twist, offering a unique and secure style. These earrings are perfect for those who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary jewellery design. Creative Second Piercing Ideas Looking for second piercing ideas? Galleria Armadoro showcases a range of options to add that extra sparkle to your ear jewellery ensemble. From subtle studs to bold hoops, find inspiration to make your second piercing stand out. Specialised Jewellery Sizes and Unique Designs at Galleria Armadoro Size 15 Ring in mm: Finding Your Perfect Fit Understanding ring sizes can be challenging. Our detailed guide helps you convert a size 15 ring in mm, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique style.  Gnocchi Jewellery: A Unique Twist on Jewellery Design Galleria Armadoro introduces gnocchi jewellery, a playful yet elegant range that adds a touch of whimsy to your jewellery collection. These unique pieces are perfect for those who love jewellery that tells a story. Anklets for Large Ankles: Style for Every Size Our collection includes stylish anklets for large ankles, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of anklets, regardless of size. Choose from a variety of designs to find the perfect anklet that complements your style and comfort. 65 mm Ring Size: Embracing Diversity in Ring Sizing We recognize the importance of inclusive sizing in jewellery. Our 65 mm ring size options cater to a broader range of sizes, ensuring that everyone finds their ideal fit and style at Galleria Armadoro.