The All-Encompassing Guide to Evil Eye Jewellery

Myths, Meanings, and Modern Interpretations by Galleria Armadoro

There's something inherently captivating about the evil eye. Is it the intricate designs? The myriad of colours?

Or is it the rich history that permeates each piece? As a Greek brand steeped in the heritage and mystique surrounding the evil eye, Galleria Armadoro is uniquely positioned to unravel the enigma of this ancient symbol.

Here, we explore the nuances, the superstitions, and the modern-day interpretations of evil eye jewellery.

"What is evil eye?" you may wonder. Or more precisely, "what is the evil eye?"

To unravel its allure, we must delve deep into its origin. The evil eye symbol represents a gaze or stare that is believed to bring bad luck or harmful energy.

The evil eye is not about the eye itself but the malevolent intention behind it.

"What does the evil eye mean?" and "what does evil eye mean?" are questions that tap into the mysterious aura of this symbol.

So where did evil eye originate? Or to rephrase, "where did the evil eye originate?"

Tracing the evil eye origin takes us back millennia. Historically, it transcends Greek culture, although the Greeks have a significant relationship with it, dubbed "greek evil eye" or "evil eye greek meaning."

The concept of the evil eye has been noted in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, early Christian writings, and even Islamic texts.

Thus, the history of evil eye—or the "history of the evil eye"—is as diverse as it is ancient.

"What's the meaning of evil eye jewellery?" or "evil eye jewellery meaning," as some may put it, is often a blend of aesthetics and protective intentions.

Whether it's an evil eye bracelet, necklace, or charm, each serves as a talisman to ward off negative influences.

Considering that we are an authority in this domain, our pieces combine the practical aspects of "evil eye protection meaning" with the latest in fashion trends. the evil eye is a multicultural symbol, being a Greek brand allows us to create pieces that encapsulate the authentic "greek evil eye meaning."

Our evil eye jewellery taps into centuries of Greek traditions, beliefs, and artistry, making each piece a conversation starter.

"Evil eye colours," or as some ask, "what's evil eye colours meaning?" are as much about the symbolism as they are about the look.

Greek evil eye is often blue, echoing the seas surrounding our beautiful nation.

"Blue evil eye meaning spiritual" aspects often link to tranquility and spiritual protection.

The rise of the evil eye in modern fashion cannot be understated.

Oher Brands have integrated it into their collections, but our Greek heritage adds a layer of authenticity to our evil eye pieces.

Whether it's "evil eye gold charm" or various "evil eye colours," we offer a range that appeals to the modern consumer while staying true to its roots.

Here comes the frequently asked question, "Is the evil eye bad or good?" Or as some put it, "is the evil eye good or bad?"

The symbol itself is neutral; it's all about the intention behind it.

Creating jewellery is an art form, and the evil eye has been one of our most cherished canvases.

It's not just a trend or a fad; it's a symbol that has transcended time, geographies, and cultures. As a GREEK BRAND, we're fortunate to be woven into the fabric of a legacy that dates back thousands of years.

For us at Galleria Armadoro, the evil eye is more than just an accessory. It's a blend of history, tradition, and a modern interpretation that complements the contemporary lifestyle.

Each piece is crafted meticulously, taking inspiration from our beautiful Greek landscapes and the age-old tales that our grandmothers told us.

We hope that when you wear a Galleria Armadoro evil eye piece, you not only feel protected but also connected to a story much larger than any of us—a story that resonates with harmony, balance, and timeless beauty.


Dimitra Chouliaras, Galleria Armadoro Founder


Is it OK to wear evil eye jewellery?

Certainly, it's not just a stylish accessory but a protective talisman.

Are you allowed to wear evil eye jewelry?

Yes, there's no cultural or religious restriction.

What do 🧿 mean?

It's an emoji representation of the evil eye symbol.

What does wearing evil eye jewelry mean?

It signifies both fashion and protection.

Is The evil eye Greek?

Yes, and being a Greek brand, we infuse authenticity into our pieces.

Why do Greeks wear the evil eye?

For both cultural pride and protection against negative energy.

Is it bad to wear the evil eye?

Not at all; it's intended for protection.

Why do Greeks believe in the evil eye?

It's a deeply embedded cultural belief.

Why is the Greek evil eye blue?

It symbolises the sky and sea, embodying calm and protection.

Whether for style or protection, evil eye jewellery offers both.

As a Greek brand, we bring a unique blend of authenticity and modern flair to this ancient symbol.

Adorn yourself with a piece from our collection and experience the protective and aesthetic powers of the evil eye.

Discover your perfect evil eye piece at Galleria Armadoro and join the timeless narrative that spans millennia.

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