Size It Right! Unveiling the Secret to Ring-tastic Fits

How to use a ring sizer

Finding the ideal engagement ring for that special occasion , or practically any ring, is a momentous task. As you embark on the journey of choosing a timeless piece to symbolize your love, one crucial element stands out: the right fit.

To ensure your engagement ring fits flawlessly, it's essential to determine the correct ring size. In this concise guide, we'll walk you through the simple process of using a ring sizer.

With this invaluable tool, you can confidently shop for and collect your cherished rings or engagement rings, knowing they will fit perfectly on your finger. Let's dive in!

1. What is a ring sizer and what does it do

Gone are the days of struggling to size a ring with a strip of paper or cloth! Ring sizers are here, and they make it easier than ever to get a perfect fit.

Whether you're buying that engagement ring for someone special or an extra dazzling band ring, the right size is important. No more "maybe" sizes - now you can measure down to the very last half size in no time at all.

The handy gadget slides around your finger as you adjust for the most accurate measurement around so that your new piece fits snugly every time. That way, you'll be able to enjoy feeling your best in any jewelry purchase, engagement rings included!

2. How to use a ring sizer

Shopping for a ring can be tricky – a ring that fits too tight will pinch and one that's too loose could fall off easily. That's why at Galleria Armadoro we offer a free ring sizer with all our free shipping orders.

Our ring sizers enable you to have an accurate measurement so your ring will fit perfectly. That way you can purchase with confidence knowing that your ring will scream comfort fit – not cry "too tight", or whine "too loose". Once you've found the right size, pick out the perfect style, and we'll get it to you in no time!

1. Before you begin, you will need a few supplies: a ring sizer, a flexible measuring tape, and a pen or pencil.

2. To use a ring sizer, first find your ring size by measuring the circumference of your finger with a flexible measuring tape. Once you have your measurement, consult a ring size chart to find your corresponding ring size.

3. Once you know your ring size, put the ring sizer on your finger and adjust it until it is snug but not too tight.

4. Once the ring sizer is in place, mark the point where the two ends meet with a pen or pencil.

5. Remove the ring sizer from your finger and measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler. This is the inside diameter of your finger and will help you determine your ring size.

6. Consult a ring size chart to find your corresponding ring size based on the inside diameter of your finger.

7. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape or a ring sizer, you can also use a string to measure the circumference of your finger. Simply wrap the string around your finger and mark the point where the two ends meet. Then, measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler to get the inside diameter of your finger. Again, consult a ring size chart to find your corresponding ring size based on this measurement.

8. Keep in mind thatring sizes can vary depending on factors such as temperature and humidity, so it's always best to measure your finger multiple times to ensure accuracy.

9. If you're still unsure of your exact ring size, it's always best to err on the side of caution and choose a larger size rather than a smaller one. You can always have a jeweler resize your ring if necessary.

10. And that's all there is to it! With these simple steps, you'll be able to find your perfect fitting ring in no time!

3. Tips for measuring your finger accurately

Accurately measuring your ring size might seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be. For the most accurate method, use a ring sizer tool. Typically made of plastic and metal, ring sizers can measure ring sizes on both men and women, once you know how to use them correctly.

Before you measure, make sure your finger is at a normal temperature and not too hot or cold. Then fit the ring onto the ring sizing tool until the arrow matches up to a size on the ring itself – this is your ring size! It's as easy as that.

With some knowledge, practice, and patience, anyone can learn how to use a ring sizer for accurate ring measurement.

1. Use the right finger on the right hand. The fingers on our dominant hand are often larger than on the weaker hand.

2. Put the end of the ring sizer through the “buckle”. Slowly pull it through until you have a large sized ring that you can easily put onto the finger.

3. Put the ring sizer over the chosen finger and gently pull it tighter until you have the correct size.

4. The measured ring size to use is the one on the inside of the buckle of the ring sizer .

5. The correct size should allow you to move over the knuckle without too much effort .

6 If you see a point between two sizes, use always use the larger one . It is better for a ring to be a fraction too big , than too small .

4. How Can You Measure Your Ring Size At Home?

1. Use a flexible measuring tape.

If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, you can use a regular ruler or even a string. Just make sure that whatever you use is marked in millimeters (mm).

2. Wrap the tape around your finger.

Wrap the tape around the base of your finger, making sure that it's snug but not too tight.

3. Mark the point where the end of the tape meets the beginning.

With a pen or pencil, mark the point on the tape where it meets the beginning. This is your finger circumference.

4. Measure the length of your finger.

Using the ruler, measure the distance between the mark you made and the end of the tape. This is your finger length.

5. Find your ring size using a ring size chart.

Once you have your finger circumference and length, you can consult a ring size chart to find your ring size

5. How to find the right size ring for you: Ask A Professional To Measure Your Ring Size

Getting the ring size just right shouldn't be taken lightly: no ring appears more striking than one that fits perfectly on its wearer's finger.

If you plan to surprise your partner with a ring, don't take any chances and make sure the ring size is accurate by having it professionally measured. Whether you're shopping for an engagement or an anniversary ring, using a metal ring mandrel will guarantee the perfect fit.

Irrespective of which finger it will ultimately adorn, leaving this precise task to a professional ensures that your new ring flows up and down without difficulty; so no more fear of a ring being too tight to take off or so loose she has to constantly worry about losing it! In short, when buying properly sized rings be sure to have their circumference measured by an expert and you'll have peace of mind in knowing you can give her a ring she won't want to take off — ever.

At our Showroom in the Athens centre area, you can benefit from having your fingers professionally measured, making sure that any rings purchased will fit properly for optimal comfort.

This precise sizing also means that you can browse through a variety of styles with the confidence knowing that you will find the perfect ring that is destined to become part of your story.

Our expert staff will be on hand to answer any additional questions or help you decide on the right look or material to go with your ring selection.

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6. What if I did all the steps above, but the size is still wrong?

Let's face it, sometimes things don't quite fit! If you've gone the extra mile with our sizing guide and your ring is still a little snug or roomy for comfort - no problem.

Give us call anytime up to 6pm EET Monday through Friday at WhatsApp. And if business hours have passed? Don't fret!

Send us an email with all the details and we promise to respond as soon as possible.

Please note that at Galleria Armadoro we use French sizing on all our rings and half sizes are not available.

If you want to make sure your ring purchase is a lasting symbol of your love, be sure to size it properly!

Use our tips above to measure at home or visit a local jeweler who can help ensure an accurate fit. With a little effort (and maybe some practice), you’ll be able to find the perfect ring or engagement ring for that special someone in no time.


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