As the temperatures rise, we tend to subscribe to a more minimalist approach when putting together our outfits. Summer dressing is so easy, as long you have some good-quality staples. So, as we abandon our jumpers in favor of sundresses; accessories enable us to embrace our creative side when getting dressed without worrying about overheating. Jewellery has this magic ability to jazz up and add character to any outfit, even the most basic.

One of the best parts of summer dressing is having fun with your accessories. Nothing feels like it needs to be taken too seriously in the carefree land of sunny, warm weather and Summer Fridays. We tend to keep our outfits more on the simple side during the summer months, so accessories take the lead role.


If you gravitate towards wearing the same pieces day after day - no judging, we’re into it- now is your chance to dive into uncharted waters. 2022 Summer jewellery trends offer a quick and easy mood boost. So start making room in your jewellery box for these playful jewellery trends you can get your hands into before anyone else.

What is the latest fad in jewellery?

Trendy jewellery can elevate your look in no time. So yeah, it is important to invest some time in searching and exploring 2022 jewellery trends for summer.

Yeah, we’re on jewellery therapy! From bold gold collars to big, playful hoop earrings, signet rings, and ankle bracelets, jewellery is all about maximal fun right now. This is feel-good jewellery, the kind of piece that instantly boosts your style and spirit. So let’s dive into the most prominent jewellery trends for Spring and Summer 2022.


Earrings - Groundbreaking, we know…


What kind of earrings are in style 2022?

The right pair of earrings will not only make you feel great; earrings have a way of pulling together an outfit. The one size fits all is so appealing and inclusive. You may skip your bracelets, but you are never fully dressed or put together without earrings. It is the one jewellery trend that will never go away.

Here are the earring styles that you must invest in now:


Unique Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a jewellery staple as old as time. The rounded earring design has long been synonymous with beauty and elegance.

While they take on many different forms - in size, encrusted, charm-embellished, twisted, or classic - they remain chic, stylish, and a workhorse in your jewellery collection.


You may already have a pair of sleek metal hoops that you keep on rotation, but this summer focuses on bolder, more structural iterations. A pair of oversized gold hoops such as the XL Bella hoops or the Big Naomi hoops paired with jeans and a tee is a laid-back, cool option for the evening.

Influencers have been wearing oversized, chunky statement styles for some time now. For daytime, pair a structural hoop such as the Laylas with a breezy sundress or elevate a white T-shirt with graduated mini gold styles from our Ear Stories Collection. Hoops are the ultimate go-with-everything accessory, the blue jeans of your jewellery box.

Hoop earrings will always be in style, but they are still the biggest 2022 jewellery trend for summer. The more unique, the better. Skip a rounded silhouette for these cool, triangle Loulou hoops or the interlocking Adut or Alba hoops in two-tone - silver & gold. The look is still luxe but slightly whimsical.


We don’t expect gold hoops to ever go out of style, and they will always be a staple.

And with many celebrities donning gold hoops all the time, you will be happy to know that you will not go wrong with a nice pair of gold hoops. You can easily wear them up or down, and they will see you through season after season, as they will never go out of style.

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Single & Stud Earrings


… or Ear Stories as we call it. It has been a huge trend for the past years, and it is still going strong as the ultimate 2022 jewellery trend.

. What is it? It’s all about having multiple piercings and stacking different styles of single earrings.

The Ear Stories look has been one of the fast-rising jewellery trends and is now seen everywhere, beyond the red carpets and runways.

The minimalist look of stud earrings is why the stud earrings trend will continue throughout 2022. It may seem unappealing and understated at first, but the result is simply stunning when stacked, mixed, and matched.

It is effortless to achieve too! No worries about what goes with what. Total freedom. All you need is more and more (and more ) piercing.

Few piercings? No problem. Opt for one or more of our hinged ear cuffs and cheat your way to the perfect Ear Story.

Need more inspo? See our Instagram Feed.

Drop Earrings

If you feel a little dull, just add a pair of drop earrings to your outfit. Wearing a pair of drop earrings is like walking around with a halo lighting up your face. They will make your skin and smile glow and they always look good in photos.

Drop earrings have never gone out of style, but it’s the pearl core fever that has taken over jewellery trends for the past years, and it’s not going anywhere.

Pearlcore, the buzzy new Internet term, is one of the most prominent 2022 jewellery trends but in a new whimsical sense.

Pearl drop earrings are all over the runway, and influencers and celebrities have been hitting the streets in their pearl earrings, pearl-studded clothing, and carrying pearl-embellished bags.

Opt for the starburst drop pearl earring or the evil eye drop pearl earring if you want to make a statement.

If you are looking for a more relaxed and subtle look, go for the trinity or the star drop earring. However, for a more sparkly look, the Amina Huggies or the Kira and the Bianca drop earrings are more than perfect.


Layered Necklaces & Bold Gold Chains


Layering necklaces isn’t a new trend per se, but this summer, it's all about how multiple chains are styled. Pair with jeans and a T-shirt or a simple sundress to add a delicate touch to any summer outfit. Layered gold tone necklaces can add more edge to a feminine spaghetti strap dress or a tank top. You can also take a choker necklace such as the Gigi necklace, layered with a zodiac pendant and a chunky chain, and style it back into a sundress.

Read our necklace layering guide to get the trendy look.


Larger-than-life links are among the top 2022 jewellery trends. This summer, go with oversized gold chains that make a bold statement solo or when layered with other chunky or dainty pieces.

The bigger, the better when it came to the spring-summer 2022 chain link jewellery. Bold gold chain necklaces have a strong nostalgic vibe with a 90s feel that everybody keeps referencing.  

Go for the classic Cara chains or the Catena chains layered to achieve the trendy look.



Anklets are back, and we’re not complaining. So skip the arm party and focus on anklets instead of bracelets this season.

With your ankles finally free from winter boots, anklets can eventually steal the spotlight. Be it a chain link, a lapis, or a turquoise beaded iteration, anklets add a playful touch to sleek summer looks. Accessorise a summer-friendly strappy sandal or a minimalist heel with an anklet for a cool layered look.


Much like a dainty necklace, the appeal of the anklet comes from its ability to be stylish and discreet. A slim slip of gold around the ankle with a delicate charm is the perfect way to highlight a strappy sandal. However, if subtlety is not your beat, there are a few other ways to wear it. Larger chain-link such as the Cara anklets and flat curb chains such as the Catena anklets are a bold addition to an anklet jewellery story.

A subtle foot adornment can make even the pastiest trotters instantly look prettier and sexier, especially when combined with a fresh pedicure and your toes wriggling in the sand.

It seems we aren’t alone with our anklet obsession; according to search platforms, searches have been steadily increasing.

Read our guide to get the scoop on summer’s hottest jewellery trend.

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Super Chic Signet Rings


It’s a style we can’t stop loving. A favourite of men and women, signet rings feature personal and sentimental motifs. They can be customised with zodiac signs, birthstones, initials, and just about anything, using our free engraving app and complimentary engraving service. Personalisation is baked into the foundation of the Galleria Armadoro jewellery brand; it’s what makes our jewellery collections special. They are the ultimate conversational pieces.


Is Silver Coming Back in Style 2022?

Absolutely yes! For the past couple of seasons, chunky gold chains have dominated every corner of the jewellery trends world. . But statement silvery pieces are quietly taking center stage once again. So, It’s time to make room in our jewelry boxes for the silver jewelry trend to come back.

The best way to jump into the new jewellery trend is a bold, chunky pair of silver hoops. Celebrities to the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been spotted rocking big silver hoops as their only accessory.

Is Rose gold Still in Style 2022?

Remember the rose gold era? There was a time, around 10 -15 years ago when rose gold jewellery was the top trend. Everyone was going crazy over it.

Rose gold jewellery is not new to the jewellery industry. It has been around forever. Rose gold, is a unique gold alloy with a distinct heavy colour due to its higher copper percentage.

Periodically, it comes and goes out of fashion, as it had for the last two decades. However, right now, we can’t say that this is a jewellery trend you should jump right in.

As jewellery trends come and go, we will be patiently waiting for a comeback.

Whether you prefer to keep things minimal with a dainty gold anklet or would rather drape yourself in endless jewellery layers, these summer trends are varied and full of new styling ideas, so you should find something that speaks to you. And much like any jewellery trend, spring and summer 2022 azare all about joy.

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