Galleria Armadoro Affiliate Program

Discover our exceptional brand that offers a stunning range of jewellery collections, perfect for adding a touch of everyday luxury to any outfit. From our signature gold hoops collection to elegant stacking rings and ear cuff earrings, our exquisite jewelry has gained recognition in prestigious fashion publications like Vogue, Elle, and the Telegraph.

Galleria Armadoro has also garnered a growing fan base among celebrities and fashion insiders frequently seen wearing our captivating collections.

If your website or blog shares our aspirations and caters to our target customers, we invite you to apply to join the Galleria Armadoro affiliate programme.

By becoming an affiliate, you can help us spread the word about our brand while earning competitive commissions.


Benefits of Joining:

As a valued member of our affiliate programme, you can enjoy the following advantages:


  1. Generous Commissions: Earn a 15% commission on each sale made through your affiliate link within a 30-day cookie period. Rest assured that any purchase made by your website users or blog readers within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link will earn you a commission.

  2. Valuable Resources: Gain access to fresh and engaging content regularly, keeping you up to date with our latest promotions. Stay informed through our newsletters, and receive voucher codes when needed for exclusive offers and promotions.


What Does an Affiliate Do?

As an affiliate, we request that you promote Galleria Armadoro on your website or blog through the following actions:


  1. Displaying Ads and Banners: Place our carefully crafted ads, banners, and links on your platform to attract your audience's attention.

  2. Product Data Feed: Access our product data feed to showcase our diverse range of jewelry, ensuring your visitors are aware of our latest collections and offerings.


How to Join:

To join our esteemed affiliate programme, please follow these simple steps:


  1. Click on the provided link below and complete the straightforward form. Our affiliate programme is facilitated by Rakuten LinkShare, a leading affiliate network.

  2. Once you have submitted your application, our dedicated team will review your website or blog to ensure it aligns with our brand. We will then promptly notify you of the outcome of your application.

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to the Galleria Armadoro affiliate programme. Together, let's share the beauty of our jewellery collections and earn great commissions.

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