Experience a whole new dimension of shopping with our live sessions. Tune in every Wednesday, at 6:30pm (GMT+2) , as we unveil the latest collections, share expert styling tips, and introduce special guests.

Shop featured items in real time and interact with us through live chat. Your next fashion discovery is just a click away!



What is Live Shopping?

Live shopping is an interactive online shopping experience that brings you real-time product showcases, expert insights, and the opportunity to purchase featured items while watching a live stream.

It's a dynamic way to explore and shop our latest collections.

What is Live-Streaming Shopping?

Live-streaming shopping combines the excitement of live video with the convenience of online shopping.

It allows you to watch our live streams in real time, interact with our hosts and guests, and purchase your favorite products directly from the stream.

How can I participate in Live Shopping?

To join our live shopping events, simply visit the Galleria Armadoro website or our Instagram.

You can add the event to your calendar for a reminder or sign up for an email reminder, which will include a direct link to the live stream.

How can I shop the products featured during the event?

During the live stream, you'll see a product thumbnail icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on it to access a list of featured products that you can shop instantly. It's a seamless way to explore and purchase items you love.

Can I use a discount code during the event?

Absolutely! You can apply a discount code as you normally would by entering it in the 'Add a discount code' box and tapping 'Apply.'

Enjoy extra special savings while you shop during our live shopping sessions.