Armadoro jewelry is a husband & wife collaboration between Epaminondas & Dimitra Chouliara.

Dimitra is head of the design team whereas Epaminondas is on the sales department. Each

armadoro jewelry collection references their Greek roots. Pave stones and gold vermeil represent

a melding of understated luxury, innovativedesign and exceptional quality.


Galleria armadoro, the parent company behind armadoro jewelry, was founded in Athens in 2004

by Epaminondas & Dimitra Chouliara. Epaminondas has been in the silver trading business since

1993, leading the family business. Dimitra, a mathematics graduate of the University of Athens,

was introduced to the company after their marriage in 2003. A passionate fashion lover, she

instantly infused her style to the company and armadoro jewelry was born in 2004.

The line is well known for its exceptional quality, modern design,and affordable prices.



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