Hoop earrings have transcended time as a captivating accessory, seamlessly integrating style and panache into any ensemble.

As the year unfolds, the allure of hoop earrings continues to flourish, offering an extensive array of designs that cater to various fashion sensibilities.

Galleria Armadoro proudly presents an exquisite collection that encompasses these diverse trends, ensuring your jewelry selection remains on the cutting edge of style.

Let's embark on an exploration of the captivating world of hoop earrings and delve into 8 enchanting styles that deserve a coveted spot in your collection.

The huggie hoop, available in both 8.5mm and 6.5mm sizes, redefines elegance with its snug fit against the earlobe.

These hoops effortlessly transition from casual to formal settings, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion.

To wear huggie hoops correctly, gently open the hinge, slide the hoop onto your earlobe, and securely fasten the clasp for a comfortable and sophisticated look.

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Oversized hoops dominate the spotlight, making a bold fashion statement that demands attention.

These hoops are in their prime in 2023, and their larger-than-life presence is perfect for both casual outings and special events.

When wearing oversized hoops, opt for sleek hairstyles that allow the earrings to take center stage, ensuring you exude confidence and style.

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Chunky gold hoops are emblematic of opulence and extravagance.

These captivating hoops are a must-have for anyone seeking to make a glamorous impact. In 2023, chunky gold hoops are a trend to embrace, as they effortlessly elevate even the simplest outfits.

To enhance their impact, pair them with monochromatic ensembles or outfits with complementary warm tones.

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Triangle hoops, we at Galleria Armadoro call them the "Loulou hoops"  introduce an element of geometric elegance into your jewelry collection.

Their unique shape adds a touch of intrigue to your look, creating an artistic flair. The versatility of triangle hoops allows them to seamlessly transition from daytime affairs to evening soirees.

Wear them correctly by positioning the base of the triangle at the bottom of your earlobe for a stunning effect.


Kylie Jenner Silver Triangle hoops

Hailey Bieber Gold Triangle hoops

Texture adds depth and character to your accessories.

Textured hoops create captivating interplays of light and shadow, enhancing your overall look.

The year 2023 sees textured hoops taking the spotlight as versatile companions that effortlessly complement both day and night ensembles.

To wear textured hoops, simply fasten them securely and let their intricate details do the talking.


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In 2023, the appeal of mini hoops lies in their subtle sophistication.

These delicate accessories offer a touch of elegance that effortlessly enhances your outfit without overpowering it.

For those seeking versatility, mini hoops are the perfect choice, seamlessly transitioning from day to night. Ensure you position them securely on your earlobe for a refined appearance.

The harmonious fusion of gold and silver in two-tone hoops creates an enchanting blend that complements various outfits.

This style has gained momentum in 2023 due to its adaptability and versatility.

To wear two-tone hoops, ensure your ensemble includes elements that match both metals, allowing the earrings to tie your look together.

Incorporating diamonds into hoop earrings elevates them to the epitome of timeless allure.

These exquisite pieces, perfect for special occasions, encapsulate sophistication and luxury.

As we journey through 2023, contemporary diamond hoops remain a sought-after choice.

To wear them with grace, pair them with elegant dresses or evening gowns, allowing their subtle sparkle to shine through.


As the founder of Galleria Armadoro, I'm excited to share that hoop earrings are more in style than ever in 2023.

From elegant huggies to captivating diamond hoops, our collection offers something for every style. The beauty of hoop earrings is that THEY LOOK GOOD ON EVERYONE, transcending age and face shapes.

Whether you prefer subtle mini hoops or bold oversized ones, our collection has you covered. Explore the world of hoop earrings with us and embrace the elegance and VERSATILITY they bring to your look."

Dimitra Chouliaras, Galleria Armadoro Founder

  • Mix and Match: Play with creativity by combining different hoop styles for a unique layered effect.
  • Hair Up, Earrings Out: Opt for updos to accentuate statement hoops, letting them be the focal point.
  • Day to Night Transition: Start with smaller hoops during the day and switch to larger ones for evening allure.
  • Metal Coordination: When wearing mixed-metal hoops, ensure your other jewelry complements the color scheme.

Addressing Common Questions:

What is the Correct Way to Wear Hoop Earrings?

To wear hoop earrings correctly, gently open the clasp or hinge, position the hoop on your earlobe, and securely fasten the clasp.

Are Hoop Earrings in Style in 2023?

Absolutely, hoop earrings continue to be a prominent trend in 2023, with various styles that cater to different fashion preferences.

Do Hoop Earrings Look Good on Everyone?

Yes, hoop earrings are remarkably versatile and can flatter people of all ages and face shapes. They are the "blue jeans" of jewellery.

Here's a quick and comprehensive guide on how to wear them.

How Do You Wear Different Size Hoops?

Pair smaller hoops with casual looks and larger hoops for more dramatic statements. Experiment with mixing sizes for added visual interest.

Read Our Guide For more.


  • As the years pass, the allure of hoop earrings remains steadfast, adapting to evolving trends while retaining their timeless charm.
  • Galleria Armadoro's diverse collection ensures that every individual finds the perfect hoop style that resonates with their unique personality.
  • Delve into the world of hoop earrings, explore various sizes, shapes, and textures, and discover the elegance and adaptability they bring to your ensemble.
  • In 2023 and beyond, embrace the charm of hoop earrings and elevate your fashion journey with Galleria Armadoro's exquisite selection.
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