The Making of the NEW Ear Stories Collection

Step into the world of Galleria Armadoro as we reveal the creative journey behind our celebrated Ear Stories Collection

Embark on a journey behind the scenes of Galleria Armadoro's iconic Ear Stories collection – a cornucopia of individuality and style, featuring single earrings like huggies, mini huggies, studs, piercing studs, charm drop earrings, and our unique U-locks.

Revered as our signature and best-selling range, Ear Stories epitomizes the ultimate piercing collection.

Through this exclusive look, we invite you to discover the artistry and inspiration that breathe life into these beloved pieces, each telling its own story while echoing the essence of Galleria Armadoro's innovative spirit.

In the heart of Galleria Armadoro's design ethos, our CCO Dimitra Chouliaras embodies the essence of the contemporary woman; strong, articulate, and diverse.

The new Ear Stories Collection is meticulously crafted to celebrate these qualities, with each piece envisioned as a versatile statement, wearable in the daily theatre of life.

They are anything but ordinary, designed for effortless mix-and-match elegance, allowing the wearer to layer and personalise with ease.

For the women who wear them, these are not just earrings; they're a conversation in style, a testament to their unique voice in the world.

The creation of Galleria Armadoro's studs and piercing studs is a journey from concept to completion, a ballet of precision and artistry.

Here's a glimpse into the intricate process that brings each piece to life:

1// Conceptualisation

It begins with a spark, an idea that takes shape in the form of hand sketches by our CCO Dimitra Chouliaras.

These initial drawings are the soul of the collection, where creativity flows freely, capturing the essence of Galleria Armadoro's aesthetic.

2// Refinement

From the sketched visions, the designs transition into the digital realm as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings.

This is where the sketches are refined into precise blueprints, defining dimensions, and ensuring the functional feasibility of each piece.

3// Prototyping

With CAD drawings in hand, the journey continues as we move into prototyping. This stage is crucial—it's the first time the designs are translated into tangible objects.

It's a process that allows for adjustments and refinements, ensuring that the aesthetic and practicality of the designs are in perfect harmony.

4// Sample Creation

The prototypes pave the way for the sample creation.

Here, the meticulous craftsmanship of our artisans comes into play, turning gold and gemstones into the delicate studs and piercing studs that will adorn our collection.

5// Quality Control

Each sample is subjected to rigorous quality control, scrutinising every angle, every finish, ensuring that each piece meets the high standards that Galleria Armadoro is known for.

6// Wearability Test

Before a design is given the green light, it must pass the wearability test.

This is where we ensure that not only do the earrings look exceptional, but they also sit perfectly on the ear, comfortable for all-day wear.

7// Final Touches

The final step is where magic happens.

The pieces are polished, stones are set, and the final touches are applied.

It's the culmination of the process, where the pieces are now ready to tell their story.

Each step is carried out with the utmost care, ensuring that the earrings you choose to adorn yourself with are not just jewelry but a part of your narrative, crafted to be as unique and vocal as the contemporary women who inspire us.

The U Locks and Charm Drop Earrings represent a cornerstone of Galleria Armadoro's innovative design, with our signature U shape lock becoming an emblem of the brand's creative vision.

These pieces are a testament to elegance and versatility, designed to embrace the ear lobe in a gentle clasp, allowing the charm to dangle with a graceful poise.

Our latest additions to this signature series are nothing short of masterpieces, each with a story to tell:

  • The Sphinx: A design that encapsulates mystery and allure, the Sphinx U Lock is a nod to timeless elegance with a touch of enigma.
  • The Spear: This piece embodies sharp sophistication, a representation of the modern woman's strength and precision.
  • Spear Long: An elongation of the classic, the Spear Long offers a more dramatic interpretation, for those who seek to make a bolder statement.
  • The Lacrima Pave: With its pavé teardrop shape, the Lacrima Pave encapsulates the essence of refined luxury, a sparkling symbol of emotion and beauty.

These designs are crafted to be worn as singles, allowing for an array of mix-and-match possibilities that encourage personal expression.

Pair them with studs from our Ear Stories collection for a daily look, or combine them with other charms to curate an ensemble for special occasions.

Each earring is an invitation to create your own style narrative, a piece of Galleria Armadoro's story that you make uniquely yours.

Concluding our showcase of the Ear Stories collection are two luxurious huggies: the Abbraccio and the Speira, each exuding a unique charm and sophistication.

The Abbraccio: Crafted to perfection, the Abbraccio is a masterpiece of design.

It's a curved teardrop-shaped stud that delicately hugs the earlobe, embodying both comfort and elegance. Its graceful form and subtle allure make it an ideal choice for the wedding season.

The Abbraccio isn't just an earring; it's a piece of art that whispers stories of love and commitment, destined to become a favorite among those seeking to add a touch of refinement to their special day.

The Speira Pavé Huggie: This earring is a fusion of glamour and intricate craftsmanship.

With a lavish pavé surface on the front and Galleria Armadoro's signature textured Speira design on the back, it strikes a perfect balance between opulence and style.

The Speira Pavé Huggie is not just an accessory; it's a statement. We anticipate its popularity among brides who seek to add a sparkle of grandeur to their bridal ensemble. I

t's designed not just to complement the wedding attire but to enhance the entire bridal experience.


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