Anklets: The 90s Trend Is Back And Up-to-Date


As we all know, trends do come and go. And the ‘90s have given us so many trends that are now back in style, so if you were a big fan of the puka-shell ankle bracelets, then this throwback trend is perfect for you. The ankle bracelets – also known as anklets – are back in fashion, and they have been upgraded to match the 2021 summer energy and style. Anklets have been repeatedly spotted during major fashion shows and street styles as an essential everyday accessory. And we can officially consider them not only as a beach accessory but an element that instantly elevates the whole outfit.


But before we dig into the ultimate accessory trend that everyone loves, let’s see the meaning of wearing an anklet. Ankle bracelets are part of Eastern culture for more than 4.500 years. They were worn by women to indicate their social status. For example, in India, married women wore on, while in Egypt, women who wore gold or silver anklets were married to wealthy men while the slaves used to wear leather anklets. Today, they are numerous rumours concerning the hidden meaning behind the anklet. However, the most popular is that women who wear an anklet on their left foot look for an open relationship.

What’s great about this trend is that everyone can find the ideal anklet that matches their style and personality. You can wear them anywhere – from the beach to a more formal event –, and they go great with both pants and skirts, sandals and sneakers.




hailey bieber

Celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber are rocking the anklet trend.


Anklets have become an elegant and fun accessory that anyone can rock from daytime to nighttime. And here are some tips before jumping into this trend:


⭐️ Anklets can match heavenly with any occasion, from a day on the beach to a formal event. You only have to find the perfect anklet for each occasion and style it up the right way. For example, if you are going for a casual, relaxed look, you can style it with some charms. But if you are going for a night event, a thin, sparkly will do great. It adds extra shinning and sexiness to your look.


⭐️ You can wear as many anklets as you wish. If you are feeling bolt with this trend, you can wear two or even three anklets. There is no limit to that. You can choose to wear them all on one foot or in both. But in most situations, it is preferred to be worn on only one foot.





⭐️ Find the perfect anklet style for you. Anklets are probably the biggest trend in accessories for 2021; therefore, you can find a lot of different types of anklets that match every single style and outfit. You can find more delicate chain anklets in gold and silver or crystal anklets that suit the best elegant yet modern styles. And you can also find beaded and beach anklets that are more fun and girly.


⭐️ Style them as you want. It is a bit out-of-date to say that anklets only match with dresses and skirts and anything that shows off the legs in general. You can definitely wear them with your favourite pair of cropped jeans and pants. Also, feel free to rock them with your favourite pair of sneakers for a modern and stylish city look. Always remember, confidence is the key to an amazing outfit!






We, in Galleria Armadoro, took a very close look at this throwback trend, and we absolutely loved it. Therefore, we embraced it and created a series of anklets that you are 100% sure you will love and wear all summer long. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, we got your back.

You can find two different types of anklets here: the chain anklets and the beaded anklets. The Cara Chain in gold vermeil and sterling silver and the Large Link Chain works perfectly for a modern morning city look and a classy and elegant night out. You can always style them up a bit more and make them more festive and fun by adding some charms from the Charms Club Collection. Extra tip: Do not be afraid to combine the Cara Gold Plated Anklet with the Cara Sterling Silver Anklet for an effortless yet very chic look. And secondly, you will find the Turquoise Bead and Lapis Bead Anklets. These two anklets are all about the summer and beach vibes you want. Even if you are still in the city, you can wear them and feel like you are on holiday on an island. These two anklets are ideal for casual and relaxed looks but with an element of fun. Both of these styles work perfectly with sandals and sneakers. Last but not least, feel free to combine these different types of anklets, elevating your style with small yet unique details that will catch everyone’s eye.





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