Gold Hoops: The Definite Guide

Gold Hoops: The Definite Guide

Gold Hoops: The Definite Guide


No outfit is complete without a striking piece of jewellery. Hoop earrings are without a question the blue jean of jewellery, the must-have, the go-to. Regardless of the size, material or colour, they give a sense of confidence.

Everyone has their own preferred shape, size or metal of hoops, but most look great in them. Revered as the go-to by models, fashion fiends and celebrities, alike, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Adut Akech and Hailey Bieber, to name a few, a simple pair of hoops can give an instant air of ‘it girl’ to any wearer.



Adut Akech

Supermodel Adut Akech in her 5 cm Bella hoops

Katerina Kainourgiou

Greek tv hostess Katerina Kainourgiou in hr 3cm Bella hoops

The hoop earrings are a part of the contemporary identity of some cultures, such as the Latins, the Africans and the Middle East nations, and they have also become a universal accessory symbolizing elegance, style and fun. There is an enormous variety in designs, shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect ones for you. Plus, you can never have enough of them.



Image of Bella 6 cm gold vermeil hoops
Bella 6 cm gold vermeil hoops

149,00 €


Image of Bella 5 cm gold vermeil hoops
Bella 5 cm gold vermeil hoops

129,00 €


Image of Bella 4 cm gold plated hoops
Bella 4 cm gold plated hoops

91,00 €


Image of Bella 3 cm gold vermeil hoops
Bella 3 cm gold vermeil hoops

84,00 €


Sure, silver hoops are great, but what about gold or gold plated hoops? They are always in fashion, and they go perfectly with anything. You can style them as you wish, and they can definitely elevate a casual and everyday outfit. Remember, no matter how you look at it, gold is glamorous. Gold hoops look fantastic no matter what you are wearing, and they make the real difference in your outfit, from basic to ultra-stylish and elegant.



bella hadid
hailey bieber

There are so many shapes and sizes that you will instantly fall in love with all of them. But how will you know which one is right for you? First of all, you have to think about what type of look you want them. For example, for the extra glam look, you can always choose the large hoops for more definition as they make your outfit stand out. If you opt-in for the effortless, everyday glam look you should go for medium or small hoops.

But before buying your new gold plated hoops, you should have a few things in mind. First and foremost you have to make sure that they are lightweight. The hoop earrings need to be tubular to not add extra weight to your ears and make them insufferable throughout the day. Another thing you have to know before buying hoops is that you can not sleep in them. To be more precise, it is not suggested to sleep in any type of earrings as silver and gold are soft metals and extremely bendable and sleeping in them can both ruin your hoops and cause an injury in your ear and ear piercing. Lastly, if you choose to buy gold plated hoop earrings, you have to be extremely careful as the exposition to water, colognes and perfumes, hair styling products can cause their gold plate to fade and look a little bit rusty.




Image of Allegra 4cm two tone hoops
Allegra 4cm two tone hoops

134,00 €


Image of Loulou gold vermeil hoops
Loulou gold vermeil hoops

98,00 €


Image of Tina 3 cm gold vermeil hoops
Tina 3 cm gold vermeil hoops

118,00 €


Image of Adut sterling silver hoops
Adut sterling silver hoops

115,00 €



We, in Galleria Armadoro, take the hoop trend very seriously. And that’s why you will find a great variety in designs, shapes and sizes, just to find the perfect each one of you. All hoops are gold plated and tubular to be lightweight and easily worn from daytime to nighttime. Perfect for simple, everyday looks but also for more fun, glamorous, elegant and edgy looks. You can find the classic round hoops, like Bella and Luna, in four different sizes – depending on how big you want them. You can also find geometric designs such as the Loulou and the Ellie hoops. And lastly, you can discover modern and contemporary designs such as the Adut and the Alba hoops.

You also have some fascinating news to share with all of you! A new hoop series is about to drop, and we are pretty sure you are going to love it! It is full of fun, classy and elegant designs and shapes that are perfect for your summer, and they will definitely catch everyone’s eye. All of the hoops are tubular to be lightweight and ideal for daytime to nighttime.

So stay tuned for the upcoming hoop earrings drop early June!





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