5 Favourites, New Drop Edition

We don't like to play favourites, but we could not help but share our 5 favourites from the last drop.

After all, there are so many gorgeous pieces to swoon over: new pearl charms, mini pave charms, new disc charms and of course the new zodiac discs.

Each piece is so versatile that can be a seamless addition to your existing Charms Clubjewellery collection.


#1.New Sfera Pearl Charms

We know that you love a pearl. We have managed to breathe new life to a gem once considered for your grandma only. Our pearl jewellery collection is one of our most popular, and we couldn't help but add more pieces to it.

You can now find the Sfera pearl charms in sizes Large - 14mm-, Medium - 12mm- and Small- 10mm. The perfect addition to your charms necklace, bracelet or anklet.

No matter the size, each of our pearl charms is fantastically versatile and wearable for every day!

new sfera charms
Image of Mini Sfera starburst pearl charm
Mini Sfera starburst pearl charm
Image of Medium Sfera evil eye pearl charm
Medium Sfera evil eye pearl charm
Image of Medium Sfera starburst pearl charm
Medium Sfera starburst pearl charm
Image of Mini Sfera evil eye pearl charm
Mini Sfera evil eye pearl charm

#2.New Cosmos Disc Charm

The latest addition to our beloved Cosmos family. Inspired by the night sky and symbols of our Greek heritage, the Cosmos family was mainly inspired by our core stud earringscollection. Each piece is engraved with four different symbols: an evil eye, a crescent moon, a sun and a star. The New Disc Charm is at19 mm and will complement your Charms Necklaces, Bracelets & Anklets.

cosmos & eternity jewelry

#3.New Mini Pave Charms

Whether you go big for a complete Charms Club necklace, or you are more on the subtle and understated side, you need a cool, sleek pendant with a high dose of shine. We got you!

We have updated our best selling mini dog tag, star and bolt charms in a smaller, pave version. You can wear it mixed with more than once charms on your necklace, bracelet or anklet, or alone with our delicate bead chain.


#4.Heart & Byzantine Cross disc charms

Designing a Greek heritage cross charm without making it tacky has been a challenge. We wanted to create a new, fresh, clean and sleek version of a Greek jewellery classic and without blowing our own trumpet, we have rally nailed it with this one.

The new heart disc charm is another sleek addition to the Charms Club Collection that can be worn alone or layered with chucky chainsas shown below.

Image of Heart pave gold vermeil charms disc
Heart pave gold vermeil charms disc
Image of Byzantine gold vermeil charm disc
Byzantine gold vermeil charm disc

#5.New Zodiac Charms

Astrological jewellery dates back some 4.000 years to Ancient Egyptian civilizations and has never lost its popularity ever since. Especially now, that we seek to purchase or gift something more meaningful that tells a story.

The new Zodiac Charms Discs, part of our Charms Club Collection, feature a pave zodiac sign, set in a 17mm gold vermeil disc, that makes them equal parts sleek and shiny.



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