Veggie Ramen

Veggie Ramen

I love Asian food, soups in particular. This is the easiest dish to put together, perfect for a warm, winter dinner. 

Serves 2


2 garlic cloves
1/2 cup coconut, grapeseed or any other vegetable oil
1 chilli pepper & 1 jalapeno finely diced
1 spring onion
2 tbsp ginger, grated
8 shitake mushrooms
1 pack ramen noodles
1/4 broccoli cut in florets
1 cup homemade bone broth
3 cups of water
2 tbsp soy or tamari sauce
1 tbsp white miso
1 tbsp mirin (optional)
2 hard-boiled eggs cut in half
1 lime juice
Fresh cilantro


  1. In a large pot, saute in medium heat garlic till fragrant, about 2 minutes. 
  2. Add the mushrooms, grated ginger and peppers. Cook for about 5 minutes till the mushrooms have softened.
  3. Add the bone broth and water and cook for another 5 minutes over medium heat.
  4. In a small bowl, mix soya sauce, white miso and mirin until incorporated. Add to the pot. 
  5. Add the noodles and add salt if needed. 
  6. Add the broccoli florets, lime juice and spring onions and cook for about 2 minutes.
  7. Serve with the hard-boiled egg and some fresh cilantro.


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